PLC Controlled Ship's Alarm Panels
PLC Controlled Automated Engine Controls
PLC Programming (Local, In-shop)
Winch Control Panels
Winch Cable Length and Tension Indicators
USCG/ABS/SOLAS Ship's Alarm Panels
USCG/ABS Approved Navigation Light Panels
USCG/ABS Approved Fire Alarm Panels
Tank Gauging Systems
Shaft Tach Systems with Multiple Stations
Dry Bulk Mud Systems
Generator Packages
Generator Switchboards
Generator Panelboards
Sound-Powered Phone Systems
General Alarm Panels

Vacuum Switches
Pressure Switches
Temperature Switches
Water Level Switches
Door Ajar Alarm Switches
Bilge Alarm Switches
Brass Bottle Style Switches
IDEC Controls and Switches
Liquid Filled Gauges
Dynalco Products
Murphy Products
Voltage Monitors
VDO Electric Gauges
Hour Meters
Mag Pickups (Aetna)
Tachometers (Aetna)
Sound-Powered Phone Systems
Tomar Strobes
Ashcroft Thermometers
Electromate Enclosures
Edwards Horns, Sirens, Bells
Sonalert Horns 12V/120V

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